How to Open Blocked Online Gambling Sites Easily and Quickly
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How to open a blocked online gambling site may not sound easy. Playing online gambling in Indonesia cannot be said to be as free as playing online gambling abroad. Playing gambling on local and international online gambling sites is sometimes hampered by regulations not to mention the many gambling sites blocked by the government. It makes it difficult for local gambling players to enjoy the thrill of playing online gambling like foreign gamblers. That is why many online gamblers are looking for ways to open blocked online gambling sites to play their favorite gambling. Usually blocked sites are opened using a VPN Proxy system, changing DNS, changing Internet Providers or using Socks (Paid Proxy Services).

In fact, you can still play online gambling using gambling sites that have not been blocked. Unfortunately, sites like this do not necessarily provide complete games, the benefits are uncertain and may not really pay off. That’s why sometimes it is necessary to take extreme steps to open a blocked site. One way to open a blocked online gambling site is by using the Nawala Unblocker application. This application can be used both for Android smartphone devices, iPhones and computers. To open a blocked site on your computer, you must download the application and then run AntiNawala.exe. In the AUTOMATIC setting, change to GOOGLE then click the “APPLY CHANGES” button. This method allows you to open gambling sites that are opened through the Google window.
How to open a blocked online gambling site on an Android cellphone is not much different than on a computer. You have to download the Rocket VPN application on Google Playstore then install it on your mobile. If it is installed, activate the Rocet VPN application then click Connect to start the process of opening a blocked site. This method is not only able to open one site, but also can open other sites such as Sbobet, M88, Poker, Maxbet and others. Another way to open a blocked gambling site is by changing your internet provider card. Sometimes there are some providers who don’t allow access to gambling sites. So you have to look for other providers that at least don’t apply a positive internet blocking system to your subscription gambling site.

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